My name is Jonas Merhej, Bonis Tech is my nickname

An experienced full stack developer for responsive and adaptive web applications and cryptocurrency enthusiast.

Tl;dr: I love coding. I'm interested in jobs or collaborations.

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Jonas Merhej
  • Jan 21 to present – Fullstack Blockchain Developer
  • Aug 18 to Jul 21 - Full Stack Web Developer
  • Jul 17 to Jul 18 - Computer Science

On a mission to learn as much as I can

Tl;dr? Check the timeline above.

I was always intrested in learning the essentials of computers and how they work. My first attempts to learn how to code lead me to HTML and CSS. Soon I noticed that my websites are not interactive, so my researches obviously lead me to JavaScript. From here on I started asking myself: "How do I save user data?". You probably guessed it. The next language I learned was PHP.

OK, but I still didn't know how computers work. So I studied 2 semesters computer science at the Saarland University . At this point I was already too deep in the web world. So I stopped my academic studies and continued improving in web development.

In the summer of 2018, I started as an apprentice at ­ FBO . I really enjoyed my 3 years there and learned a lot about development and most importantly, I met the best colleagues one can imagine. Along the way I never stopped learning new technologies and languages. But none were interesting enough to really change my way of coding and the way I think until I got into crypto currencies and Solidity wich opened new horizons for me as a person and as a coding enthusiast.

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I'm your man when it comes to web development and/or crypto development.

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